The enterprises, whose interests “Trade House “Etalonmash” Ltd.  represents, specialize in manufacturing of existing models of cardan shafts and developing of their new models. Almost all the necessary spare parts for driveshaft are being developed at the production capacities of “Ukrainian Cardan” Ltd., “Chernigov Forging Plant” Ltd. (the parts of the Сorporation “Etalon”). It reduces the costs for purchasing, transporting, storing by third-party companies.

The production capacities

The work is performed on the main equipment of foreign manufacturers (Germany, Switzerland), for example:

Company Equipment
“Chernigov Forging

Plant” Ltd.

Horizontal milling machining center with CNC “HYUNDAI-WIA” KH63G with CNC
Vertical milling machining center “HYUNDAI-WIA” F500,  “Deckel Maho” DMC 103V with CNC
Lathe with  CNC “Gildemeister” NEF710.
“Ukrainian Cardan” Ltd. Machining centers “Heller”
Four-spindle lathe of the firm “Laru”
Lathes of the company “Didesheim”
Cold rolling machine “GROB”

Some production stages require the use of hot stamping and coining presses, horizontal forging machines and press-snips.

All manufactured products correspond to the norms, standards, GOSTs. At all stages of manufacturing parts and their elements, quality control is carried out by:

  • Mechanical testing (use of a tearing machine, pendulum);
  • Determination of the hardness of the metal (a hardness tester is used);
  • Identification of chemical elements (must correspond to the state standards) and the identification of carbon, sulfur by the express analyzer;
  • Depth of decarburized layers, grain size, microstructure, carbide heterogeneity, thickness of HFC layer and cemented layer (with the help of a metallographic microscope), etc. are checked

The process of the spare parts manufacturing for driveshafts is an accurate, labor-intensive process that requires highly qualified staff. That is why high demands are placed on quality. It is a guarantee of safety in operation and protection of the environment.

A short list of products sold

The list of products is long:

  • Cardan tubes;
  • Flanges and bushings;
  • Shafts, splined bushings;
  • Intermediate bearings;
  • Balancing weights;
  • U-joints and dust covers;
  • Fixed splined assemblies;
  • Mobile splined assemblies simple, with a rilsan coating;
  • Yokes: welded, splined, double, agricultural, etc.