The production of “Ukrainian Cardan” Ltd. includes the following sectors:

Sector area, m²
Machining 19 594
Heat treatment sector 5 184
Metal plating section 1 152
Press section 5 760
Tool production 2 016

“Ukrainian Cardan” Ltd. has existed as a legal entity since October 2005. It is the successor of “Chernigov Cardan shafts Plant” which was founded in 1969. Initially the plant was built for the needs of the machine-building giant Gorkovsky (now Nizhny Novgorod) Auto Plant.

Now the company produces a wide range of driveshafts and other automotive components. The design department develops new types of cardan products. The company “Trade House “Etalonmash” Ltd. promotes the products. “Trade House “Etalonmash” Ltd. is a part of the Corporation “Etalon” (one of the leaders of the engineering industry).

Every year the enterprise increases the output. All products are certified.  ISO 9001: 2008  quality management system has been in operation since 2001. In 2018 the quality management system will be recertified in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015. “The international quality management standard for the automotive industry IATF 16949: 2016” is currently being implemented.

The production of the “Ukrainian Cardan” Ltd. is not limited by the manufacturing of of driveshafts for cars. The list of products manufactured by the company is long:

  1. Spare parts and components for driveshafts of foreign manufacturers.
  2. Almost all kinds of driveshafts for cars and trucks.
  3. Specialized driveshafts, joints and driveshaft couplings for agricultural machinery of domestic and foreign manufacturers.
  4. Driveshafts for railway, electric vehicles.
  5. Driveshafts for special technics (road; loading and unloading).
  6. Industrial driveshafts.
  7. All kinds of spare parts:
  • Center supports for driveshafts;
  • Elementsof wheel fastening;
  • U-joints for cars.

The equipment of Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers allows to get high-quality products. Before driveshaft is finished and goes on sale, it must undergo multilevel processing.

Metalworking of blanks (forgings) is being made on machines of foreign manufacturers, for example:

Equipment Operations
Machining centers “Heller”, “Laru” (Germany) process openings in the yokes for U-joint bearings
Lathes of the company “Didesheim” (Germany) process two trunnions of the U-joints, with automatic rotation
Cold rolling machine “GROB” (Switzerland) makes involute splines rolling on tube yokes and shafts

Driveshaft assembling is a time-consuming process that has its own stages:

  1. Tube cutting;
  2. Pressing of yokes and bushings with trimming and chamfering;
  3. Welding of components;
  4. Runout checking and correction if necessary;
  5. Balancing of driveshafts and drivelines;
  6. Painting of a finished part

Painting of the finished products takes place in a modern conveyor painting chamber with a four-stage process: washing, drying, painting, drying.

Unpainted surfaces are being preserved and wrapped with paraffin paper.

Finished products are being packed according to the customer’s requirements.

Besides the main production “Ukrainian Cardan” Ltd. has also the auxiliary production:

Type of workshop Performed works
Еool production workshop Production and sharpening of auxiliary tools, production of unique cardan products
Еransport department Provides all cargo transportation