Cooperation with suppliers is a potential opportunity to expand the production capacities for “Ukrainian Cardan” Ltd., “Chernigov Forging Plant” Ltd. as well as for third-party companies working in the supply chain. The organizations which have been working in the engineering market for a long time have a position of reliable partners in this industry.

The area of ​​the enterprises is about 50,000  sq.m. The logistics operates smoothly. The plants which are parts of a large engineering corporation, produce large volumes of products every month. The transportation of them to the countries of the former CIS  as well as near abroad is necessary.

Third-party logistics companies are engaged for this purpose. They provide:

  • Information on the location of the goods;
  • Making an optimal route;
  • Cars suitable for the transport of finished products;
  • Customs support and other support services.

Hired transport is used for the delivery of metal, tubes and other materials in the territory of Ukraine.

We are always ready to consider the proposals of companies that provide a wide range of services in this industry.

The wide specialization of the plants (forging, driveshafts, spare parts for industries: automotive, agricultural machinery, railway, etc.) requires the constant availability of auxiliary materials.

The constant availability of the products listed below ensures trouble-free  production process. In this connection the purchase is carried out:

Name Brief description
Round bars from ф36 to ф110
Metal 35, 40, 45, 30Х, 35Х, 40Х, 38ХС, 20ХГНТР, 60ПП(58)
Needle bearing 704702К2, 804704К3С10, 804805К2С10, 804707А1С10, 804807К3С10, etc.
Cardan cold deformed seamless tube 45×2.5; 71×1.6; 71×2.5; 71×3.0; 94×2.5; 94×4.0; 105×6,0 for steel 10, 15, 20 GOST 5005
Hot rolled (cold rolled) tube 55×9.0; 60х10,0; 73×14.0; 83×9.0; 95х16,0; 102х17,0 for steel 35, 45, 30Х, 40Х GOST 8732 (8734)
Sheet metal 0.8; 1.0; 1.5; 2.0; 2.5; 3,0 for steel 08КП
Sheet metal 2.5 for steel 65Г  (66Mn4)
Welding copper-plated wire ф1.2 mm and ф1.6 mm

Continuous development of the plants requires continuous  renovation, modernization of the existing production capacities. Lathes with CNC, spline rolling machines, diamond boring machines- it is a partial list of equipment needed (both new and used).

After continuous work the physical deterioration of the equipment used for manufacturing of forging, cardan products is happening. In this regard there is a need for the additional spare parts and materials for repair needs.

Cooperation with suppliers specializing in manufacturing of rubber products, lubricating and cooling liquids, oils and paints is a good way to work.

Our goal is to find reliable, responsible suppliers for cooperation for an unlimited time. From our side you will receive:

  • Reliable partners;
  • Timely payment;
  • A continuous flow of orders.

We invite organizations to work fruitfully in these areas on mutually beneficial terms.