“Chernigov Forging Plant” Ltd. (a part of the Сorporation “Etalon”) produces forgings for: automotive industry, driveshaft production, railway, carriage engineering, diesel locomotives and other branches of industry.

What the forging is

Forging is the blank of rough or intermediate part which is obtained by forging (pressing) or stamping. A huge range of parts in the machine industry in different forms and sizes requires the manufacture of the variety of forgings in different forms and sizes, used alloys, as well as the methods and technology of production.

Complex approach to the forging production

  • Leads to the reduction of costs during the processing of products;
  • Reduces the number of operations;
  • Saves time during the machining process of the parts;
  • Helps to reduce the cost of blanks.

“Chernigov Forging Plant” Ltd. uses in production the method of stamping – deformation of metal with the use of dies which limit the deformation of metal under the mold. The obtained products have a high accuracy. Stamping can be cold (without heating), hot (metal preheated) – metal becomes elastic that makes it possible to give the material the necessary shape without special effort

Reception at the output of a precision product is possible with the correct determination of the method of obtaining forgings proceed from its feasibility, technical and economic indicators, etc. It is necessary to analyze such factors as geometry, size and weight of the part, batch size (can be small-scale, large-scale production, etc.), the material used.

Technological process of forging production

The manufacturing of any products complies with the technological process, any deviation from which is unacceptable. The manufacturing process for forgings :

  1. The first stage is metal cutting. Cutting is carried out in press-snips (the capacity range 315 – 1 000 tf) or cutting machine AMADA.
  2. Induction heating of the blanks.
  3. The forging process is carried out directly on a horizontal forging machine or a crank hot-stamping press.
  4. A semi-automatic normalizing furnace, quenching and tempering furnace are used for the heat treatment. The heat treatment method (quenching, normalizing, tempering, or annealing) depends on alloy/carbon steel which is used.
  5. scale is removed from forgings.

All products manufactured by “Chernigov Forging Plant” Ltd. are checked by the QAD before they are handed over to the client. The quality of products is regulated by GOST, technical project, specification, norms and tolerances.

The above presented method is advantageous with the simultaneous manufacture of several surfaces of parts, which in the end will have high smoothness, homogeneity of the surface and dimensional accuracy, which will lead to the reduction in material costs and ensures high production.