The company Trade House “Etalonmash” Ltd. was established in October 2014 as an organization that could represent with dignity the commercial interests of two plants :

  • “Ukrainian Cardan” Ltd.;
  • “Chernigov Forging Plant” Ltd.

The above-noted  enterprises are parts of the Corporation “Etalon”. The main directions of the corporation activity:

  • Engineering;
  • Manufacture of motor vehicles;
  • Warehouse logistics;

The company TH “Etalonmash”, as a representative of the corporation, carries out activities in which there is no direct trade (sale) of products. Its main tasks are to find potential customers interested in purchasing the products of “Ukrainian Cardan” Ltd., “Chernigov Forging Plant” Ltd.; provide timely the domestic and foreign market with information about new products; organize negotiations with future clients and partners; coordinate visiting events and participation in exhibitions.

It is the national as well as international industry trade shows that allow to promote effectively the products of the Corporation “Etalon” plants. In September 2016, being the only company from Ukraine, TH “Etalonmash” properly represented both plants at the IAA 2016 (2013 participants from 52 countries) which was held in Germany.

High-quality product of Chernigov manufacturers was rated very highly.

In November 2017  the company entered the list of 52 participating countries at the agricultural machinery exhibition AGRITECHNICA 2017 (Hannover) which was attended by representatives from 130 countries. This participation was also successful, since “ChFP” Ltd. and “UkrCard” Ltd. added to their customer lists clients from Poland, Belarus, Hungary, Turkey, Serbia and other countries.

During the period of 2017 the company TH “Etalonmash” continued to expand its client base in the European market and significantly expanded the geography and volume of products sales.

The results are new contracts for cooperation with European companies; processing projects for the production of new products; sale of finished products in Germany, Poland, Romania, Lithuania and other countries.