“Chernigov Forging Plant” Ltd. is a part of the engineering Сorporation “Etalon”.  “Chernigov Forging Plant” Ltd. offers to its clients casting services using electroslag technology (EST) : electroslag remelting (ESR) and electroslag chill casting (ECC)

The blanks of forging dies are being smelted for its own purposes from used stamps and other wastes of alloy steel.

The technology of electroslag remelting (ESR)

The process of a metal remelting is going on in a bath with electrically conductive slag heated by an electric current.  The main part in this process is the slag properties:

  • Chemical activity purifies from harmful impurities, gases and non-metallic inclusions.
  • High fusibility and an electrical resistance generate heat enough to conduct the remelting process.
  • The fluidity makes it possible to obtain the high-quality blanks.

ESR produces blanks of round and rectangular shapes.

Technological process of ESR:

  1. A consumable electrode submerged in the slag bath, where metal is melted by the heat generated in the slag during the passage of electric current through a slag.
  2. Drops of the molten metal of the electrode pass through the slag into a metal bath, where they crystallize into ingots in a water-cooled crystallizer.

The plant has two electroslag furnaces which allow to smelt ingots with weight from 0.3 to 1.5 t.

Method (ESR) allows to receive high-quality blanks with the minimum contamination of harmful impurities, gases, non-metallic inclusions and with  fine-grained structure

Technology of electroslag chill casting

Electroslag chill casting is fundamentally different from the ESR method. Metal accumulates in the lined non-water cooled metal crucible. Crystallization of the ingot takes place directly in a form- a metal chill mold. The method allows to carry out alloying with ferro additives. Small fractions of metal wastes (used tools, briquetted shavings and other metal wastes) are subject to re-melting.
At the enterprise there are two furnaces of electroslag chill casting with  the maximum volume of smelting steel 200kg.