Driveshafts and driveshafts with an intermediate bearing for different types of machines are the main products which “Ukrainian Cardan” Ltd. produces. The design technical department of the plant develops new modifications of shafts and driveshafts with an intermediate bearing. The company “Trade House “Etalonmash” Ltd., which is a part of the Сorporation “Etalon”,  looks for the new sales markets.

The company specializes in the production of cardan products for cars, tractors, agricultural machinery, for electric, railway and special (road, loading) transport, industrial equipment, etc. The plant capacities allow to produce high-quality, certified (ISO 9001) products.

Driveshaft (driveline) is designed for transmitting torque and rotation from one unit to another one (they can be misaligned or be located at a certain angle). Modern production of cardan products make it possible to produce a reliable product with a long service life. “Ukrainian Cardan” Ltd.  produces these products with providing warranty.

“Ukrainian Cardan” Ltd.  produces driveshafts, driveshafts with an intermediate bearing with the torque from 1,7kN to 25kN, with length compensation (with various length dimensions and the possibility of a rilsan coating on the splines) and without it.

Types of driveshafts

For each vehicle model certain type of  driveshaft is produced. The modification is extensive and differs by:

  • The availability of support bearings;
  • Types of fastening.

The availability of an intermediate bearings divides cardan products into such subtypes:

  • One-piece driveshaft – there are no bearings;
  • Two-piece driveshaft – the configuration of the driveshaft with an intermediate bearing;
  • Tree-piece driveshaft – driveshaft with 2 intermediate bearings.

The variety of cardan products, their correct choice and installation allows to improve the technical characteristics of transport, thereby prolonging their service life.