Cardan joints for cars, tractors and other agricultural machinery are produced by “Ukrainian Cardan” Ltd., whose interests in the market are represented by the company “Trade House “Etalonmash” Ltd. (a part of the large engineering Сorporation “Etalon”).

Joints – why are they needed

Cardan joint is a movable joint that is necessary to ensure the transmission of torque between shafts whose axes intersect at a certain angle, changing during operation. It was developed by the Italian scientist Cardano and is called after him.

The cardan joint is widely used in the automotive transmission due to its simplicity, low weight, high efficiency, durability and reliability.

The agricultural purpose cardan joint is to transmit rotary motion with up to 1250 revolutions per minute, with a deflection angle no more than 22 degrees; a permissible angle is 55 degrees when the unit is turned with PTO switched off.

The design of the universal joint includes 2 yokes of the cardan shaft connected to each other by a U-joint. Yokes are available in various modifications with the ability to be used on different machines.

The double joint  includes 2 yokes of the driveshaft connected by two U-joints fixed to the “H” -shaped yoke.