The history of “Ukrainian Cardan” Ltd. began on June 29, 1973. The beginning was the plant whose specialization was the production of rear axles for cars “GAS” In 1988 the enterprise was re-equipped and got the name “Chernigov Cardan shafts Plant” Ltd. Since then, the plant began to produce cardan products for cars of  Gorky Automobile Plant. At that time the nomenclature of products was significantly expanded. The specialization of the enterprise included the production of cardan shafts for almost all brands of cars produced by the CIS conveyor. In December 1994 the plant was transformed into an Open joint-stock company “Chernigovavtodetal”. “Ukrainian Cardan” Ltd. has existed as a legal entity since October 2005. The plant continues to expand and develop new design developments, thereby expanding the geography of sales.

Now the company is a part of the Сorporation “Etalon”.

The history of “Ukrainian Cardan” Ltd. has several periods which are distinguished by important changes and achievements. However, it is these changes that made the plant the company it is today. Production capacity is located on 33,000 sq.m., and the production itself has 8 sectors:

  • Production of driveshaft parts (from 2.5 kNm to 25 kNm);
  • Production of driveshaft parts (from 0.5 kNm to 2.5 kNm);
  •  Manufacturing of driveshaft parts for the firm “IFA-machinenbau”;
  • Assembly and painting of driveshafts;
  •  Press section;
  • Metal plating section;
  • Heat treatment sector;
  • Tool production sector.

The production is equipped with modern equipment, thanks to which metalworking, assembly and balancing of driveshafts are carried out at a high level. This is the main step towards the high-quality products:

  • Driveshafts for cars, trucks (from 0.5 kNm to 25 kNm);
  • Driveshafts, hinges and couplings for agricultural equipment of domestic and foreign production;
  • Components for driveshafts of Soviet and foreign production;
  • Driveshafts and spare parts for electric and railway transport;
  • Driveshafts for special equipment;
  • Other spare parts.

As the history of “Ukrainian Cardan” Ltd. shows, the enterprise has undergone a number of transformations and reorganizations that only strengthened its position on the Ukrainian market and allowed it to occupy its place in the international arena. Having a powerful production, equipped with modern equipment, applying the newest technologies, producing high-quality products that meet domestic and international standards, cooperating with leading Ukrainian and foreign companies, “Ukrainian Cardan” Ltd. has acquired a reputation of a reliable partner and manufacturer.

For the first time  the plant was certified according to the ISO 9001 quality management system in 2001 and successfully undergoes continuous audits. At the moment “the international quality management standard for the automotive industry IATF 16949: 2016” is being implemented.

Company address: Mira Avenue 312, Chernigov, Ukraine, 14007