In 1967  the Ministry of the automotive industry of the USSR approved the design task for the construction of a plant for auto parts production in the city of Chernigov. In January 1969 the enterprise under construction became a Gorky association “GAS” branch. The forge shop was a part of the plant project.

The date  when the first stage of forge shop was enforced is June 29, 1973.

70’s and 80’s were an important time for the forge shop development.  During this period 250 new types of auto parts forgings were mastered. The Company constantly carried out technical re-equipment of production. Since 1986 the plant began to produce the new products – driveshaft forgings.

The independent status “Chernigov Forging Plant” Ltd. received on August 1, 2005 and at the same time the plant became a part of the Corporation “Etalon”.

The structure of the plant includes:

  • Forging production;
  • Tool production;
  • Section of electroslag remelting;
  • Mechanic and power engineering department;
  • Compressor station;
  • Design technical department.

The equipment for production facilities is constantly being improved, the production capacity of the plant is increasing, each section (department, office) has the capacity to increase the volume of products, and metal products have a high quality.

An electroslag chill casting furnace (the volume of the crucible was up to 240kg) to produce billets stamps from remelted wastes and 3 compressors with an automatic mode of operation with a total capacity  70m3/min started working in 2008. Starting from 2008 a major repair of forging and pressing equipment is carried out annually

In 2012, the blank sector was equipped with two cutting machines of the firm “Amada” (an automatic disk cutting machine CMV-100CNC and an automatic band-saw cutting machine PCSAW-530 AX).

Technical re-equipment of the tool and die stamping production was carried out:

two vertical milling machining centres with CNC “DeckelMaho” DMC 103V and “HYUNDAI-WIA” F500;

horizontal milling machining center with CNC “HYUNDAI-WIA” KH63G;

lathe with CNC “Gildemeister” NEF710 were bought.

The thermal system “Aichelin” was modernized with the using of automatic gas burners of European manufactures and the replacement of lining with high-quality refractory fiber.

In 2013, the technical re-equipment of induction heating facilities was started by implementing Thyristor Frequency Converter which significantly reduced energy costs for production and improved  the quality of billets stamps heating before stamping.

The equipment of  the blanks sector with new machines was continued in 2017. The automatic disk cutting machine AMADA SMV-150CNC with the possibility of cutting the rolled products in automatic mode up to Ø150 mm was purchased.

Thanks to modern equipment, casting, stamping, pressing and other key production participants significantly shortened the production preparation time and perform the high quality of every part.

Range of the company products:

  • Forgings for automobile industry (shafts, levers, gears, crankshafts, connecting rods, tube yokes, etc.);
  • Forgings for the railway and carriage engineering (front cover, sectors, hinges, suspensions, ankers, bolts, labyrinth rings, sectors, washers, patches, rings, fasteners, etc.);
  • Forgings for diesel locomotives (pistons, levers, valves, piston heads, nuts);
  • Forgings for agricultural machinery.

Since 2007 and up to the present “Chernigov Forging Plant” Ltd. is

certified in the quality management system ISO 9001.

Company address: Mira Avenue 312, Chernigov, Ukraine, 14007