“Chernigov Forging Plant” Ltd. has a capacity of 42 000 tons of forgings per a year. The production is located on 20,000 sq.m. The main production capacities of the plant were created in the 70’s, 80’s of the last century as a part of a forge shop. At that time the main products were driveshaft forgings.

“Chernigov Forging Plant” Ltd. received an official status as a legal entity in 2005.  “Trade House “Etalonmash” Ltd., “Chernigov Forging Plant” Ltd., “Ukrainian Cardan” Ltd. are the companies that joined the machine-building Corporation “Etalon”.

For a long time of its activity a fruitful cooperation with the enterprises of Ukraine, Belarus, Germany, Poland, Russia has been established.

At the enterprise there is the design technical department whose specialists develop drawings, 3-D models, as well as the technical documentation of the forging dies according to the customer’s order. It allows to develop new types of forgings in the shortest possible time.

Current nomenclature numbers more than 1200 products including:

Forging type In detail
Automotive industry Tube yoke, pinion, flange, lever, connecting rod, shaft, crankshaft
Carriage engineering and fixing railway track Patches, rings, sectors, washers, bolts, ankers
Diesel locomotive Counterweight, levers, pistons, heads, nuts, piston heads, valves
Other branches of industry Flanges, bolts, ankers, jaw vice, washers

“Chernigov Forging Plant” Ltd. production expands its capabilities, modernizes existing equipment and invests in a new one. For example in 2010 – 2012 the die stamping production was equipped with:

  • Horizontal milling machining center with CNC “HYUNDAI-WIA” KH63G;
  • Vertical milling machining center with CNC “DeckelMaho” DMC 103V and “HYUNDAI-WIA” F500;
  • Lathe with CNC “Gildemeister” NEF710.

On this equipment dies are produced in the shortest possible time and have a high quality.

The production  has the following equipment:

Equipment Capacity
Press for hot forging processes (hot stamp) 1600-63000 kN
Horizontal forging machine 8000 – 12000kN
Press-snips 2500- 10000kN
Coining press 10000kN

The technological process of forging production:

  1. A steel blank is made by a material sectioning on the press-snips with the capacities range 315 – 1,000 tf and on a cutting machine of the firm “AMADA”;
  2. Forgings weighing from 0.35 to 55 kg are produced on horizontal forging machines and crank presses for hot forging processes;
  3. Heat treatment is carried out in: semiautomatic furnaces of normalizing; quenching and tempering furnaces. Types of heat treatment: quenching in water solutions and oil; normalizing with the blowing air; normalizing; tempering; annealing.
  4. Removing scale from forgings.

The auxiliary processing is carried out by the following methods:

The auxiliary processing Method
The primary heating of blanks Induction
Heat treatment Semiautomatic furnaces of normalizing ; quenching and tempering furnaces
Removing scale from forgings Rolling drum shot blasting machine,  the shot blasting room

For the manufacturing of forgings alloy steel and carbon steel are being used. Grades: 45, 40, 35, 30, 20 in accordance with GOST 1050-71; 20ХГНМ, 25ХГТ, 19ХГН, 14ХГН, 42ХМ, 40Х, 35Х, 30Х in accordance with GOST 4543-71.

The sector of electroslag remelting supplies “Chernigov Forging Plant” Ltd. with die blanks. This sector includes:

  • Electroslag chill casting – smelting of high-quality steel from wastes;
  • Electroslag remelting – smelting of forging dies from used stamps.